BCCI Confirms Dates And Venue For IPL Playoffs

BCCI Confirms Dates And Venue For IPL Playoffs

As IPL2020 comes into its final two weeks, it is still not certain which four teams will make it to the IPL playoffs. Three teams are likely to confirm their place in the IPL playoffs during this week, while the fourth and final team that makes it to the playoff will be a tight race as several teams have an opportunity to seal the final berth.

IPL Playoff Schedule

The BCCI has confirmed the official dates and venues for the IPL playoffs. A total of three playoff games will take place during the final week of the IPL. The teams will be decided based on their points standing. The first game will be Qualifier 1 and will occur between Team 1 and Team 2 on November 5 in Dubai. The second game will be the Eliminator between Team 3 and Team 4 on November 6 in Abu Dhabi.

The third game will take place on November 8 in Abu Dhabi and see the Eliminator Winner vs. Qualifier 1 Loser. The IPL Final will take place on November 10 in Dubai and feature the Qualifier 1 Winner vs. Qualifier 2 Winner.

You Can Bet On These Three Teams

The Mumbai Indians, Delhi Chargers, and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) are likely to cement their place in the playoffs as they currently sit in first, second and third place in the IPL points table. All three IPL franchises have played 11 games, won 7 and lost 4, and have 14 points each. Their net run rate only separates them.

Each of these franchises needs to win atleast one out of their next three games to confirm a place in the playoffs. The betting odds for these three teams to make the playoffs as of now is: Mumbai Indians (1/4), Delhi Chargers (1/4), and RCB (4/7).

Given the way these three teams have played during IPL 2020, they should secure a win and make it to the playoffs unless something strange happens. RCB should have secured a win on Sunday night and gone to the top of the table as they had a great chance to beat the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), who have been completely out of form this season and have been eliminated from the playoffs even though they secured a win over RCB.

The challenge for Mumbai Indians, RCB, and Delhi Chargers are to see who can finish as the top two teams in the points table. This is because securing a top spot will give each team a second chance to qualify for the IPL Championship should they lose Qualifier 1, unlike Team 3 and Team 4, as they play an eliminator, and the loser goes home.

Which Team Will Take The Fourth Spot?

The big challenge in IPL 2020 is to see which IPL team can get to the fourth spot on the IPL points table and book themselves a place in the playoffs. The teams battling it out for fourth place are the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), who is currently in fourth place with 11 games, 6 wins, and 5 losses. KKR currently has 12 points and odds of 8/11 to make the playoffs.

Kings XI Punjab have played 11 games and have 5 wins, 6 losses and have 10 points. Kings XI currently have odds of 11/5. The Rajasthan Royals also have 10 points but have played 12 games with 5 wins and 7 losses. The Royals have odds of 11/10 to make the playoffs. Sunrisers Hyderabad will have to win their next 3 games in a row and get a good net run rate if they are to qualify.

Sunrisers are currently in seventh place on the points table, having played 11 games, won 4, and lost 7. They have 8 points and betting odds of 11/8 to make the playoffs. Sunrisers will struggle to win three consecutive games and are most likely going to join Chennai Super Kings and fail to make the playoffs.

The elimination of CSK and SRH from the IPL playoffs comes as a massive surprise to IPL fans and bettors as sportsbooks had CSK and SRH among the top three teams expected to win the 2020 IPL Championship.

If you are looking to bet on the IPL team to secure the fourth spot, we would be putting our money on KKR and Kings XI Punjab because they still have three more games to play. KKR needs just one win, and Kings XI Punjab needs two wins. The Royals have an outside chance, but they need to win two consecutive games and secure a good net run rate.

Where will you place your bets?

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