Football betting in India explained

Football betting has grown significantly in the last 3 years in India. This is thanks to the increase in football coverage throughout India and the availability of reliable football betting sites in India.

Finding the perfect online football sports betting site for you can be quite a challenge because of the many options available. BettingGuru makes it easy for Indian punters as we give you an in-depth review of the best websites to place football bets in India and make it easy for you to pick the online football sportsbook that best suits your betting requirements.

Keep reading if you would like to find the best Indian football betting sites and learn more about the different kind of football bets you can place.

Football betting sites in India

Football Betting Odds Explained

If you are new to football betting, you will need to understand how betting odds work before you can place your first bet. The more you understand about football betting odds, the easier it becomes for you to get the most out of your bet. Let us explain it with an example:

If Brazil is playing a minnow like Qatar, you will find the betting odds heavily in favour of Brazil because of their superiority. Online sportsbooks could have Brazil with odds of 1/10 and Qatar at 10/1. So if we take Brazil, who are the betting favorites at 1/10, the first number (1) is how much you can get if you bet 10 rupees on Brazil i.e. if you place a 10 rupee bet on Brazil and they win, you will get back 1 + 10 rupees.

On the other hand if you decide to back the underdogs Qatar who have odds of 10/1, you will get back 10 rupees for every 1 rupee you spend. So if you put down 1 rupee on Qatar and they pull off a major upset and beat Brazil, you will get back 10 + 1 rupees.

If you want to be successful at football betting, don’t let the odds sway your decision. You should do your research thoroughly and make a decision on which team you are going to back before you look at the odds.

What Are The Different Types Of Football Bets

The ‘beautiful game’ is one of the most popular games in the world and sportsbooks offer punters a variety of different football bets. The most popular bet is picking an outright winner while the second most popular bet is often referred to as a 3 way bet. This is when you bet on one of the three possible outcomes i.e. a win, a loss or a draw.

However, there are a large number of other football betting markets depending on the football tournament and teams involved. We look at a few of the different bets that you can wager on:

  • Tournament Champions: Before a global tournament like the Fifa World Cup or a new season of the Premier League starts, punters will have the opportunity to pick the ‘tournament champions’ even before a game is played.
  • Player Of The Tournament: Football betting sites will usually have close to 10 players to wager on to see if they will finish as the player of the tournament. These bets are exciting but also risky because you do not know how a player will perform during the tournament and whether they will get injured or benched.
  • Player of The Match: If you want quick betting action, then you can bet on the player of the match. The result is known after each game and the risks are reduced because you can look at the current form and fitness of the list of players and then place your bet.
  • Number Of Red/ Yellow Cards: These prop bets are completely based on chance but offer a fun betting experience. You will have to pick a team and choose how many red/yellow cards you think they will end up with after the game is over.

Which Is The Best Football Betting Site For Me?

We cannot tell you which is the best football betting site for you but we can help you make that decision for yourself.

The team at BettingGuru spends long hours researching and reviewing all football betting sites catering to the Indian market. Our team uses a strict set of rules to shortlist only the best football betting websites which you can find on our recommend list of betting sites for Indian players.

We only select betting sites that are reputed, licensed and regulated. If you find a football betting site on our featured list, you can be confident that it has a great welcome bonus, covers both international and domestic football leagues, offers a variety of betting markets, have banking options that work in the Indian market and excellent customer support.

Some Indian players are very keen on a no deposit bonus as they want to check out the football betting site without spending any real money of their own. Some players are looking for licensed betting sites that allow them to bet in Indian rupees while other players are looking for a crypto friendly football betting site.

This is why our list of recommended football betting sites will clearly mention the features and benefits you can expect when you sign-up. Use this as a guideline to make your decision and find the perfect betting site for you!

Betting On The Most Popular Football Tournaments

The online football betting market in India witnesses a spike in activity when major football tournaments commence. Football bettors in India like betting on both international football tournaments as well as popular regional tournaments. We take a look at some of the most popular football tournaments that you can bet on and which all of our recommended football betting sites feature.

World Cup: The Fifa World Cup needs no introduction to even non-football fans as it is one of the most watched sporting tournaments in the world. Like the Olympics, the Fifa World Cup takes place once in every four years and the top footballing nations take part to see who will be crowned the Fifa World Champions.

Premier League: The Premier League is the most popular football tournament in England that takes place every year. Sports channels in India extensively cover the Premier League with pre-match and post-match shows breaking down the game for the viewers and bettors. Some of the most popular football teams in the world including Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool play in the Premier League.

UEFA European Championships: The UEFA European Football Championship is a tournament where teams from Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) battle it out to see which team is crowned continental champions. Just as the World Cup, this tournament also takes place every four years.

Take Advantage Of Football Betting Bonuses

Football bettors can take advantage of a number of different bonuses. The most popular bonus is the welcome bonus that players get when they create a new account.

No Deposit Bonus: This is where the betting site usually offers free cash for players to bet on their favorite football games. You do not have to make any real money deposit – hence the term no deposit bonus.

Match Deposit Bonus: This is where you will have to make a deposit in order to claim a match deposit bonus. If there is a 100 percent match deposit bonus and you deposit INR 1,000, then you will get 1,000 + 1,000 credited to your account.

Some of the other bonuses and promotions that betting sites run for existing players including cashback offers, VIP rewards and access to exclusive promotions.

The Latest Football Betting Sites In India

There are multiple advantages and some disadvantages when it comes to betting with new football betting sites in India. BettingGuru has a mix of bold old and new sports betting sites for you to choose from. One thing you will find at our list of new football betting sites is a great selection of exciting bonuses and special football promotions.

It will be up to you to decide whether you want to register at a new betting site or an established football betting site. When you bet at an established betting site, you know that you are working with a betting provider that has been in the industry for a number of years, has a strong market reputation and has a track record of making payouts on time.

When you bet with a new football betting website, this assurance is usually not there as they are new to the market. However, new betting websites are usually offering bigger and better welcome bonus offers to attract new players because they are competing for market share.

You can use these criteria to decide if you want to try out the latest football betting sites in India or if you are going to play it safe and go with an established betting platform.

Live Football Betting

Live football betting is when you can place bets on a soccer game that is currently taking place. Live football betting is also referred to as in-play betting and adds a lot of excitement to the game as you can place your football bets as the game takes place and use real time information to calculate the odds and make your bets.

BettingGuru lists live online football betting sites, so you know before you sign-up whether you have access to live in-play football betting. If you would like to place bets on in-play betting, you need to make sure you have a strong internet connection or a live feed that is not delayed, as a few seconds can change the odds during live football betting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The first thing you need to do is pick a great football betting website. You can find a large selection of football betting websites on BettingGuru. Make sure you pick one that has a great welcome bonus, offers live football betting, covers both international and domestic tournaments and has live chat support.

  • The best way for you to do this is to pick a football betting website that is offering a no deposit bonus. This will allow you to place football bets without having to spend any real money of your own. Do make sure you check the wagering requirements and read the terms and conditions carefully to make the most of your no deposit bonus.

  • Please do your research in to both teams and look at their performance during the last 5 matches, who are their key players, are they suffering from any injuries and whether they are playing at home or away. Make your decision based on these factors and not solely on the odds being offered.

  • The betting websites on our list of recommended sites are mobile friendly. Some of the top football betting portals have their own mobile betting app which is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Some of the smaller sites do not have a dedicated mobile app but you can still bet while on the go by using your mobile browser to access the betting site.

  • BettingGuru’s list of featured football betting sites allows players to deposit and withdraw funds in INR. This is important to Indian players as it does not require them to use foreign currencies to deposit and withdraw funds and incur currency conversion fees!



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