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The word ‘free’ tends to generate both excitement and anticipation in just about everybody irrespective of their age or from which part of the world they live in. This is understandable, as who does not like to receive something free or claim an offer that does not require them to pay for it?

It is no surprise, therefore, that Indians love to claim free offers and free discounts and this is one of the reasons why online sportsbooks are offering free bets in India. Read on to learn more about free bets, why online sportsbooks offer free online betting to Indian bettors, where you can find these free bets, how you can claim these free bets and how to make the most of free betting in India.

Best Free Bets in India 2024

What Are Free Bets?

Before we dive into the details, let’s clearly explain what are free bets. The best way to do this, is to first understand what is a real money bet and then compare it with free bets.

A real money bet is when a bettor deposits x amount of money with the online sportsbook. The bettor uses their own money to make a deposit and then uses these funds to place a bet on any of their favourite games. A free bet is just the opposition as bettors do not have to use any of their own money to place a bet but can take advantage of free bets and place their wagers.

Why Do Sportsbooks Offer Free Bets?

Indian sportsbooks attract new bettors by giving them free bets as a welcome bonus. This is an incentive to get bettors to create an account with the sportsbook in order to claim these free bets.

Most sportsbooks tend to offer free cash or free money that is credited into a players account. A player can then use this free money credited by the online sportsbook to place their free bet.

Why Are Free Bets Popular With Indian Bettors?

Indian bettors, just like all other bettors around the world, love to take advantage of free bets. These free bets are risk free bets as it does not cost bettors anything as they are not playing with their own money. It also gives them an opportunity to test out the online sportsbook and use these free bets to see how user friendly the sportsbook is and gain insight into how the sportsbook operates.

Find The Best Indian Betting Sites With Free Bets

The Indian sports betting market is growing at a rapid pace as both domestic and offshore operators look to target a market that has the second biggest population in the world after China. Today, there are a large number of online betting sites with free bets without deposit.

How Do I Select The Best Sportsbooks With Free Bet Offers?

A simple search for the best betting website with free bets or where to get free bets in India will give you a long list of free betting websites in India. However, it can be a tiresome process to review all these free bets at bookies and find the best online sportsbook with free bets in India.

Now, it is indeed a good thing to find so many online betting websites offering free bets. The biggest negative to this, is finding the best site for you. This is where BettingGuru comes in as our team of researchers have spent countless hours comparing online betting sites catering to the Indian market. This means that you can save the time and effort and just pick one from our list of recommended websites on where to get free bets.

Which Bookies Offer Free Bets?

BettingGuru uses a strict vetting process when it comes to filtering and shortlisting the very best online betting websites for our Indian users. Our team has been trained to use multiple filters for the free bets reviews and only select betting websites that pass all of our rigorous criteria.

The betting websites that we feature on our list of recommended sportsbooks feature sites that have great free bet offers, a wide variety of sports you can bet on, multiple banking options to make deposits and withdrawals easy, exciting on-going promotions and bonuses, SSL encryption services and top notch customer support.

How To Get Free Bets?

The best way to find free bets is to select an online sportsbook from the featured list of recommended sportsbooks here at BettingGuru. Then, all you have to do is register for an account which should take you no more than a couple of minutes. In some cases you may need to enter a free bets promo code. Once done, you should find these free bets automatically added to your account.

Making The Most Out of Free Bets with BettingGuru

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the free bet is credited into your account. Once you have the free bet money into your account, find the match/game that you want to bet on and then place your bet. It is, however, important that you understand the free bets rules.

Which Sports Can I Bet On?

Most online sportsbooks will allow you to take your free money and bet on any of the sports they cover. Bookies catering to the Indian market tend to offer a number of domestic and international sports that Indians are fond of following. You should be able to place your bets on cricket, basketball, boxing, rugby, tennis, mixed martial arts, kabaddi and hockey.

However, there are a few online sportsbooks that only permit you to use your free bets on selective sports. In this case, the online sportsbook will clearly indicate that the free money is only valid for the list of selected sports. Make sure you don’t use the free money to bet on any other sport and you will be fine.

Are There A Lot Of Restrictions On Free Bets?

The general answer to this question is: NO. The majority of sportsbooks catering to the Indian market don’t have a lot of free bets rules. The most common restrictions that you might find on free bets are regarding their validity.

Online sportsbooks usually tend to give free bets a short validity period in order to get bettors to use their betting service at the earliest. Very few sportsbooks impose wagering requirements on their free bets that are used solely for sports betting purposes. The best way to find out what are the restrictions on your free bets is to take a few minutes to read and understand the terms and conditions.

What Terms And Conditions Should I Look For?

Reading a long list of terms and conditions is the last thing bettors want to do but it is always advisable to do so. Some of the key terms and conditions that you need to look for is whether the free bet has a validity or an expiry date; whether it is restricted to selective games, if there is a wagering requirement on the free bet and what the max cashout is on the free bet money.

Can I Win Real Money With Free Bets?

You most certainly can and that is why bettors are eager to claim and use free bets. Use your free bets wisely and do not be eager to rush in and blow away all the free money at one go just because it is not your own money.

Different Types Of Free Bets Explained

The two main types of free bets that Indian bettors are likely to come across are SNR bets and SR bets. We will give you a brief description of both so you understand how they work.

  • Stake Not Return Bets: SNR bets are where the bookie gives new players free bets or free money to play with. If the bettor uses this free money and goes on to win a bet, then they are allowed to withdraw their winnings but are not allowed to withdraw their initial stake or the free bet. In this case the online sportsbooks gives out free bets or free money but asks for it to be refunded if the player wins on the free bet. However, if the player uses the free money and loses, they do not need to refund the online sportsbook the free money.
  • Stake Returned Bets: This is the most common type of free money bet that most sportsbook offer to the Indian market. Free money or free bets allow bettors to place wagers on their favourite sports without having to spend any real money of their own. Some of these free bets come with a wagering requirement attached to them. So if you use the free bet and end up winning, you can cashout your winnings and the free bet money provided you have met the wagering requirements. If you have signed-up for a free money bet where the stake is being returned, please make sure you find out what the wagering requirement and max cashout is before using the free bet.

Choosing The Best Free Bet Offer

Sportsbooks tend to offer free bets with no deposit for new customers to get them to register and create a new account. Some sportsbooks also offer daily free bets or free bets after registration for existing customers, in order to get players to keep using their free money and betting on the numerous sporting events on offer.

The main criteria that you need to consider before signing up for a free bet offer is whether you are going to bet solely on sports or whether you want to switch between sports bets and playing online casino games. If you are interested in online casino games and sportsbooks, you can sign up at an online casino that also has a sportsbook and you will be able to do both.

However, keep in mind that the free bets for new customers are designed to let the customer use it at both the sportsbook and online casino. On the other hand, if you are solely into sports betting, then sign up at an exclusive sportsbook as the free bet offers are designed solely for sports bettors.

BettingGuru Helps You Find New Sportsbooks With Free Bets

Many new sportsbooks catering to the Indian market don’t show up in a Google search because the major sportsbooks tend to dominate the search rankings. The best way for you to find new sportsbooks and their free bet offers is to keep checking in on a regular basis at BettingGuru. Our team constantly searches for new sportsbooks and updates our featured list of sportsbooks on a regular basis.

New sportsbooks tend to give out the most attractive free bets because they are looking to build their player database and capture as much market share as possible. The best way for these new sportsbooks to attract new players is to provide a better and more attractive welcome bonus when compared to the other established bookies in the market.

When you are signing up at a new sportsbook, make sure you check out the terms and conditions governing the free bet before you sign-up and use free bets new bookies.

How To Find The Best Free Cricket Bets?

Indian bettors are always looking to bet on cricket games. Cricket is by far the most popular game in the country and most Indian facing sportsbooks offer free cricket bets to encourage bettors to sign up and place free cricket bets.

Since the Indian cricket team play so much of cricket, players can make use of their free bets immediately and bet on an Indian cricket match. If for some reason India is not playing, there will always be domestic cricket matches to bet on.

These free bets can be used on cricket as well as other sports including football which also has a big following in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

This list of frequently asked questions should clarify any of the common concerns or questions you might have when it comes to using free bets at Indian betting sites.

  • We focused mostly on free bets for new users as this is the most common welcome bonus that sportsbooks offer. However, there are also free bets for existing users as the online sportsbook is always looking to motivate existing users and keep them active. A lot of sportsbooks tend to offer free bets for existing users as a special promotion or when there is a big game taking place. Make sure you check out the sportsbooks promotional offers and your email for special bonus offers.

  • Players are allowed to keep their winnings from free bets as long as they meet the terms and conditions specified with the free bet. This is why we advise our readers to always take a few minutes to go through the terms and conditions, even though it may seem boring and time consuming. Most sportsbooks will allow you to keep your winnings as long as you meet the wagering requirement and stick to the max cashout limit.

    Do note that if you try to withdraw your winnings without fulfilling the specified terms and conditions, the sportsbook will reject the withdrawal request and could even suspend your account and confiscate your winnings.

  • The sportsbooks will usually be very clear with how the free bets are supposed to be used. Each user will be able to claim their free bets and use them based on the terms and conditions. They will not be able to use their same account and claim another free bet offer as the free bet welcome bonus offer is restricted – one per account.

    Players will be able to use all of their free bets as long as they do it within the specified time period and use it on the list of sports specified – if any!

  • Most sportsbooks have a dedicated mobile app or will have a mobile friendly site that will allow you to access the mobile sportsbook from your mobile browser and bet while on the go. Mobile players will be able to take full advantage of all free bets and use them on their mobile devices without any issues. If for some reason you face a problem, do get in touch with customer support immediately.

  • Bettors should not make the mistake of betting emotionally. You need to do a little research on the teams and players before placing your free bet and not be swayed by betting odds. Do your research, trust your gut instinct and learn from each betting experience and you should increase your chances of winning going forward!



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