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BettingGuru would first like to make it clear to our readers that horse racing and horse racing betting in India is fully legal. Horse racing has been in India for over 200 years and history shows that the first racing track was established way back in 1777 in Madras – which is now called Chennai.

There was confusion a couple of decades ago as to whether horse race betting was legal due to the language used in the Gaming Act of 1930 and the 1888 Police Act. However, the Supreme Court cleared things up in 1996 when it ruled that horse racing cannot be considered as a game of luck and must be deemed as a game of skill.

There is a growing demographic in India that involves both old and young who are paying close attention to the horse racing industry in the country. This demographic likes to place horse racing bets and are looking for the best online horse race betting in India.

BettingGuru gives you a list of the top online horse betting websites in India. Read on to find out why you can trust our list of recommended horse betting websites, how to find the best welcome bonuses and how you can bet in Indian rupees.

Horse Race Betting Sites in India

How Does Horse Racing Betting Work?

The first thing you need to do is find a horse race betting website that works best for you. The easiest way for you to do this is to go through our list of recommended betting websites, look at their features and benefits and then pick the one best suited for you.

The sportsbook account creation process is very simple and should not take you more than a few minutes. Once you create your account, you will be eligible to claim a welcome bonus. You can use this bonus to start your horse racing betting.

Our list of featured horse betting websites in India covers a wide range of horse race betting. You will find an option to bet on all the popular horse races in India as well as all of the top horse racing events from around the world. Pick which horse race you would like to bet on, check the odds and place your first bet.

How Do I Find The Best Horse Race Betting Site?

While it is nice to have a number of options to choose from when it comes to horse race betting, it can also be daunting as you are not sure which betting site is the right one for you. Just about every horse racing betting site claims to be the best in the business but you need to use your own judgement to decide which one is best suited for your style of bets!

BettingGuru can help you make this decision by pointing out key factors that you must consider. Our team compares the different criteria that will help you quickly find your perfect betting website. We will compare different welcome bonuses, different horse racing events on offer, live horse race betting, bonuses and promotions, VIP rewards program, banking options and customer support.

As you go through our featured list of horse racing betting sites and compare these factors, you will know which betting site works best for you.

Horse Racing Odds And Betting Markets

If you are new to the world of online horse race betting, there are two key factors that you must understand to have a successful betting experience. You must understand how odds work and what are the different horse race betting options available to you.

Understanding Odds: The first thing you should understand is that the higher the odds of winning, the lower will be the payout and vice-versa. So if you have ‘Dancing Shadow’ as the favorite to win the Indian Derby with odds of 1/10 and ‘Rainbow’ as the underdog with odds of 10/1 to win, this is how the odds will work.

The first number on the odds is the amount that you will win for every 10 rupees that you place on Dancing Shadow. So if you put down 10 INR and Dancing Shadow wins, you will get 1 + 10 that you wagered. On the other hand if you back Rainbow and put down 10 INR and he causes an upset, then you will get paid 100 + 10.

There are so many different types of bets that you can place on horse races that it can be a little confusing if you try to understand them all at once. Instead of looking at them individually, we will look at the different categories.

Straight Bets: There are only three options to bet on here. Win is when your horse comes first; Place is where your horse comes in either first or second; Show is when your horse comes in first, second or third.

Exotic Bets: these bets can be divided into horizontal bets and vertical bets.

  • Horizontal Exotic Bets: can be further broken down into daily double where you pick the winner of two consecutive races, pick 3 means you pick three in a row, pick 4 you select four in a row, pick 5 where you get 5 winners in a row and pick 6 is you getting 6 winners in a row.
  • Vertical Exotic Bets: The three main bets here are a Straight Exacta where you must pick who finishes first and second; Straight Trifecta where you pick in the correct order who finishes first, second and third; Straight Superfecta where you pick the first four finishes in the correct order.

Top Horse Races In India

Horse racing does not get as much media coverage as it perhaps should because cricket generally occupies the sports headlines. However, there is a lot of horse racing action going on throughout the country.

The 5 most popular horse races in India come under the category of the Indian Classics. These five races include the Indian Derby, the Indian 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas, St. Leger and The Indian Oaks.

The regional circuit also witnesses a number of domestic horse races at popular race clubs at the Hyderabad Turf Club, Bangalore Turf Club, Royal Calcutta Turf Club, Madras Race Club, Royal Western India Turf Club and Delhi Turf Club.

Each of these tracks has their own seasons which are mostly determined by the monsoons. You can access these horse tracks online to check out when their respective season starts and ends. Make note of the tracks you wish to bet on and then check your online betting website to see if they are covering these domestic horse races. Most of our horse race betting Indian sites do cover the regional horse racing circuit.

Best Mobile Horse Race Betting Apps

The best way for you to find reliable mobile betting apps that offer horse racing is to look at our list of recommended mobile betting apps. These betting apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded for free.

We cannot suggest which is the best mobile app for you but you can use the criteria we mentioned above to find which mobile betting apps works best for you. Do note that some horse race betting sites do not have their own dedicated mobile betting app but they are still mobile friendly. You will need to use your mobile browser to access these sites and bet while on the go.

What In In-Play And Virtual Horse Racing Betting?

In-play betting or live horse race betting will allow you to place bets while the race is taking place. Since these horse races get over very quickly, it is imperative that you have a really fast internet connection so you can livestream the action in real time and place your bets quickly. If your live stream is delayed even by a couple of seconds, it could significantly change the outcome of the race and your betting action.

BettingGuru also lists some of the best horse race live streaming websites where you can watch all of the action in real time.

Virtual horse racing is not a real race but a computer based visual representation that is determined by a random number draw. If you cannot find horse races during a particular time, you can always switch over to virtual horse racing if you still want to bet on horses racing.

Online Horse Race Betting Tips To Help You Win

India permits horse racing to take place legally because horse racing is not based on luck but on skill. So if you want to be successful at betting on domestic horse races or international horse races, it is imperative that you do your own research and develop your horse betting skills.

You will have to look at a number of factors before placing your horse racing bet. Some of these factors include how many horses are going to race, the background history of each horse, the last 5 performances of each horse, which is the jockey that is riding the horse and the latest news on each of the races and racetracks.

When you consider all these factors, you should have two or three horses that you think are most likely to win. Now, have a look at the horse race betting odds and see if the odds and your calculations match.  Trust your gut instinct in the end and don’t get swayed solely by the odds.

If you are using a live stream for in-play betting, make sure there is no delay in the stream. If you are using virtual horse racing to have a wager, there is not much skill involved here, so just go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions On Horse Race Betting

  • This really depends on which sports betting website you are going to register with and what terms and conditions they are imposing on the bonus. Most sportsbooks give you free cash to wager on all of the sports featured on their sportsbooks. Very few limit the bonus to a particular sport. Do make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully to see if there are any restrictions.

  • Some of the biggest and most popular horse races take place outside India. If you are looking to wager on the most popular horse races, then these are the ones you need to watch out for: The Kentucky Derby, The Royal Ascot, The Preakness, The Grand National, The Belmont Stakes and The Breeders’ Cup.

  • Do your homework. Do not just rely on the sports betting odds to make your decision. If you are serious about betting, spend time researching the horses, jockeys and their previous performances. Also analyse your own betting history to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

  • This is a good question that only you can answer. We can give you a few guidelines. Don’t blow your bankroll with just one race, do not bet when you are emotional – this includes when you win and when you lose. We also suggest that you make the most of free bonus offers to boost your bankroll and bets.

  • BettingGuru features only reputed and trustworthy sportsbooks. If you place a bet and win on any of our recommended sites, you will definitely be eligible to withdraw your winnings. However, please make sure you fulfil all the terms and conditions especially if you have used your welcome bonus to win.



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