Guide to Live Betting in India

The Indian market is opening up to the sports betting industry and Indian players are slowly learning the ropes of how sports betting works. There are new concepts to get used to and for instance not all Indian players have yet been exposed to live sports betting or in-play betting.

This is why the team at BettingGuru has created this detailed in-play betting guide to give Indian players an overview and then step by step instructions of what live sports betting is all about and how they can place live sports bets in India.

We will explain to you the difference between sports betting and live sports betting, show you how we find and shortlist the best live sports betting sites in India, explain the different live sports bets you will find, teach you how to calculate live betting odds, give you tips to help you improve your chances at winning on live sports bets and list our featured live sports betting sites for the Indian market.

Best Live Betting Sites 2024

Live Sports Betting for Beginners

The best way for us to explain live sports betting is to draw a quick comparison between regular sports betting and live sports betting.

Sports Betting: is where sportsbooks publish the betting odds before the game or match has started. Players evaluate these odds and place their bets accordingly.

Live Sports Betting: is where sportsbooks release betting odds as the game is in-play, which is why it is also called in-play betting. Players will be able to make bets based on the live betting odds, which will change constantly as the game progresses.

Importance of Live Streaming: Most sportsbooks who offer live betting will offer players a live stream of the game so that they can view the game and place their bets at the same time. Players who do not have access to live streaming of the game or access a delayed stream of the game will be at a disadvantage when placing their live bets as live betting odds can change in seconds. You should always make sure that you have a reliable live stream when you look to place in-play bets.

Is Live Betting Legal In India?

Sports betting and live sports betting is legal in India provided players are betting at a sportsbook that is based outside India. There are no legal implications of placing live sports bets at offshore betting providers. However, it is not legal for Indian players to place sports bets or live bets at any sportsbook that is based in India.

The best and easiest way for you to find reliable offshore betting providers that accept live bets is to look at BettingGuru’s featured list of live sportsbooks for Indian players.

Live Betting Odds Explained

The best way for us to explain live betting odds is to use an example from a cricket match. Let us assume that India is playing Australia in a T20 match and the betting odds are at 1/2 for both India and Australia as both sides have an equal opportunity to win before the game commences.

Those odds will change dramatically with in-play betting as the game begins and the match progresses. If India bats first and get off to a flying start and are 60/0 in 4 overs, the live betting odds will significantly increase in India’s favor as they have the advantage. As a punter, you would want to place your money on India at this point in time.

However, if India ends up losing 3 wickets in the first few overs, the odds are going to swing heavily in favor of Australia and you might want to put your money on the Aussies even if you support India.

So live betting odds are calculated based on what is currently happening in the match and also based on what punters are betting on. The live betting odds often change every minute depending on the sport and how the live game is progressing. When it looks like one team is very close to winning, sportsbooks will generally shutdown live betting as the outcome of the game is clear.

Select, Register, Play!

The best way for you to select a top live betting site in India is to go to BettingGuru’s list of live betting sites, look at the different features and benefits and then choose one that suits your style of betting. Once you do this, follow this process:

  • Click the register button at the sportsbook and create an account
  • Link a payment method to your sportsbook account
  • Make a deposit and go ahead and claim your welcome bonus
  • Go to the sportsbook and select live betting
  • Find the game/match you want to watch and click on it
  • Open the live stream if one is present or turn on your television and tune in
  • Check out the live betting odds and the situation of the game
  • Choose what you want to bet on, look at the odds and decide on your bet amount
  • Enter the amount and click proceed – it will automatically place the bet

The Best Live Betting Sites in India

There are a number of live betting sites in India all claiming to be the best. Reviewing each and every site can be a painstaking process when you are doing it all alone. This is why BettingGuru has made it easy for you, as our experts have done all the hard work. If you want to find the best betting sites with live streaming, just go to our list of bets betting sites for in-play betting and select any one from the list.

BettingGuru uses a strict selection process to only shortlist reputed and reliable offshore betting providers for our Indian players. We only choose sportsbooks that are licensed and regulated by top regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. We shortlist sportsbooks that have attractive welcome bonuses for Indian players, have a long list of sports to bet on including cricket, banking methods that work well in the Indian market, have live betting for cricket matches, strong SSL encryption and good customer support.

If a sportsbook is catering to the Indian market but does not meet the above criteria, we will not shortlist it as we only want to give our Indian audience the most reliable and trustworthy sportsbooks to wager on.

What Are The Different Types of Live Bets

There are many different types of live bets as the type of bet is usually determined by which sport, match or game you are going to bet on. You will find that cricket has different live bets when compared to football and vice-versa. We will look at the most common live bets and specifically focus on the different types of live bets you can find when betting on a game of cricket.

Outright Winner: You will always be able to bet on the outright winner even during in-play bets. Bear in mind though that the odds could change dramatically during in-play betting especially if you are betting on a T20 game.

Three Way Betting: This will allow you to place a bet on three potential different outcomes. The usual outcomes are win, lose or draw.

Second Half Betting: This is where players will be able to place their bets on the second half of the game. In the case of cricket, it is the second innings; for boxing it is the final 6 rounds and for basketball is the final two quarters. The betting odds always change very fast during the second half as the match or game comes to a close.

Live Prop Bets: you will find an array of different live prop bets to wager on. In cricket, some of the live prop bets could include most number of sixes, most number of wickets, most number of catches, most number of dropped catches, number of wides, no of no-balls. In football, this could include the number of yellow cards, number of red cards, no of fouls per team, no of substitutions and no of injuries.

Find Your Next Live Cricket Betting Site at BettingGuru

Cricket is the most loved and most watched game in India, so there is no surprise that it is also the game that receives the most attention in terms of betting and live betting action. Indian players are always looking for the best live cricket betting websites and cricket betting live odds. The Indian cricket team plays a lot of test, ODI and T20 cricket throughout the year and cricket fans always have games to bet on provided they are betting at the right cricket betting websites.

When selecting a live cricket betting site, we suggest you look for the following features:

  • Are they licensed and regulated?
  • Do they offer a welcome bonus that can be used on cricket games?
  • Do they offer live cricket bets and live streaming?
  • Do they accept INR?
  • Do they have multiple banking options that work well in India?
  • Do they have live chat support available?

BettingGuru takes all of the above into consideration and hence any cricket betting website you find on our featured list is a good selection.

Live Betting on Other Sports

Cricket is the number one sport in India but there are also a number of other sports where players like to following the action in real time. We take a look at 5 of the most popular sports after cricket where players can place live bets.

Football: is arguably the second most popular sport in India after cricket. Indian bettors love to bet on the Premier League, Fifa World Cup and UEFA Champions League.

Basketball: the NBA gets a lot of attention in India as top sports channel cover every single game. Players like to place live bets as a game of basketball has four quarters and a lot of timeouts during each session which makes it interesting for bettors. The top teams that Indian players like to bet on during the matches include the LA Lakers, Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Boxing: Whenever there is a big match that hogs the headlines, Indian players love to bet. Boxing is one of the most exciting combat sports and the odds for in-play betting can vary with each round. The boxers Indian bettors love to bet on include Floyd Mayweather, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder.

MMA: has gained a lot of fans in recent months and Indian bettors are always eager to back their favorite fighters. Most of the live bets are placed on UFC events which take place just about every week and get broadcasted on TV for free. Some of the top MMA fighters that Indian fans love include Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, Amanda Nunes, Jorge Masvidal and Max Holloway.

Rugby: There is not a lot of rugby coverage in India but when big tournaments like the Rugby World Cup take place, Indian bettors love to jump in. The All Blacks are the most popular rugby team in India and generate a lot of live bets whenever they play.

Why Should I Try Live Betting?

The number one reason as to why you should try live betting is because it takes the excitement of sport to another level. When you are placing live bets, you have to follow the game closely and then make quick decisions as to how you are going to bet. You then put yourself under a little pressure and excitement as you keep your fingers crossed hoping the match or game will play out as per your betting expectations.

Some of the advantages of live betting include using real time info to place your bet, access to specific bets available only during live bets, quicker results and faster cashouts.

Live Betting Tips and Tricks

If you want to place live bets that are successful, you are going to have to do some work and not leave it all to lady luck. Before we give you specific tips, we must emphasize how important it is to have access to a live stream or TV broadcast that has no delay even for a few seconds. This is because a delay in live coverage might result in you placing a bet on a losing cause. So keep this in mind before you place any live bets. Some of our other tips include

  • Do your research into both sides before the game begins
  • Check out their last 5 performances
  • Check out who are the players that will take the field/court
  • Check out if there are any injury concerns
  • Do check out the weather situation

Only then check out the live betting odds

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The best live betting app is the one that allows you to bet on all the sports you would like to bet on, gives you a great welcome bonus, has on-going promotions like cashback offers, allows you to bet in INR, has fast payouts and excellent customer support. Check out BettingGuru’s list of the best live betting apps for Indian players to compare and decide which one is best for you.

  • Live betting is legal in India provided you are betting at a sportsbook run by an offshore provider and not a sportsbooks run by a company based in India. BettingGuru gives you a list of reputed offshore betting websites that are legal for Indian players to bet on.

  • The formula to win at live betting is very similar to the formula of winning at ordinary sports betting. Make sure you do your research and always make sure you have a live stream or a TV broadcast that is not delayed as this will help you to make real time decisions before you place your live bets.

  • You can place live sports bets from your mobile device but you will have to make sure you have a strong mobile internet connection as any buffers could delay the live stream and also give you wrong live betting odds.

  • It really depends on what you want in live betting action. If you want short, fast paced live betting choose combat sports like MMA or Boxing. If you want medium live betting action bet on ODI cricket, basketball and football games. If you want extended live betting action, bet on games test matches and golf.



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