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Every Indian cricket fan thinks they are an expert when it comes to dishing out advice to the Indian cricket team. However, cricket fans who would like to bet on cricket games quickly learn that they are not experts when it comes to cricket match predictions.

BettingGuru has a team of betting experts who have put together cricket betting tips to help Indian bettors improve their odds of getting their bet right. If you would like to learn more about how to make predictions for cricket matches and get useful Indian cricket betting tips, then keep reading.

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Get Current Cricket Match Predictions

There are a quite a few websites out there that provide online cricket betting tips but these are just generic tips. BettingGuru takes things to a whole new level as our team is focused on providing specific online cricket betting tips for cricket matches.

This means that you can check out BettingGuru whenever an international cricket match is about to take place and you will find real time betting times and predictions on today’s and upcoming games. This will enable Indian bettors to gain insight on the different types of bets that will be on offer, why the odds are in favour of one team and what bets you should consider making on the game.

You will not have to pay for any of this information as BettingGuru is offering current cricket match predictions for free as we would like to assist Indian bettors to improve their odds of winning. So before you decide to bet on a cricket match, we suggest you check out BettingGuru’s current betting tips on the game and then make your bet.

Latest Betting Tips and Odds

Get Expert Match Predictions From Our Gurus

Our team has extensive experience not just on the Indian cricket scene but the international cricket scene and we will bring you a diverse perspective. This is because our cricket analysts will analyse the pros and cons of each team, the pitch, the win/loss record of both teams, the playing XI, injury list and x factors that play a huge role in determine the final result of the game.

BettingGuru does all the research and analysis to help Indian bettors make an informed decision. You might be wondering if we only provide cricket match predictions for international games. While we focus heavily on international cricket matches we also cover domestic tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL).

We know how popular the IPL is for our Indian cricket bettors. This is why we have IPL gurus on our team that have in-depth knowledge of all IPL teams, their performance during the history of the IPL, the strengths and weaknesses of each franchise, player transfers, injury concerns and IPL records.

BettingGuru provides solid cricket betting tips for all IPL matches and we are confident our expert advice and opinions will make a difference when it comes to your IPL cricket bets.

Best Cricket Betting Sites To Use Our Cricket Betting Tips

We not only give you daily coverage of cricket matches and match specific betting tips but we also have a featured list of the best cricket betting sites for Indian players. So if you are looking for a safe and reliable cricket betting site in India, we suggest you check out our recommended sites.

Our team uses a number of criteria to filter through hundreds of cricket betting sites in India and only shortlist the top online cricket betting sites. We look for cricket betting sites that are licensed and regulated by an experienced regulator like the Malta Gaming Authority of the UK Gambling Commission.

BettingGuru’s list of featured cricket betting sites offer a great welcome bonus package that can either be a no deposit bonus or a match deposit bonus, cover a wide range of sports especially cricket, give players multiple payment methods that work well in the Indian market, covers both international and domestic cricket matches to bet on, has excellent customer support and special bonuses for loyal players.

Our team spends a lot of time regularly checking for new cricket betting sites and to see if there are new bonus offers or special promotions. Hence, when you check out our featured list of cricket betting sites, you will find up to date information of the best cricketing betting sites for the Indian market.

Special Cricket Betting Tips

Indian cricket fans who want to start cricket betting can put their knowledge and expertise of the game to good work by using these special cricket betting tips.

  • 1

    Do Not Bet Emotional

    The Indian cricket fan is arguably the most passionate cricket fan in world cricket today. However, when you start betting on cricket you must not let your emotion get the better of you. So just because you love the Indian cricket team, you cannot blindly bet on them every single time. You need to use logic and analysis to determine which team you are going to bet on.

  • 2

    Do Not Bet Too Early

    Since cricket is the most popular sport in India, most betting websites tend to publish cricket betting odds well in advance. Many bettors tend to place their bets as soon as the betting odds open on a game – which can sometimes be a week or two weeks in advance. We advise against doing this and biding your time because a number of factors can occur that influence the outcome of the betting odds. This can include player injuries, player suspensions, weather conditions and change in the opposing team’s plans.

  • 3

    Do Not Blow Your Bankroll

    Many new bettors tend to put all their eggs in one basket so to speak. They end up blowing their bankroll with just one bet and tend to get disheartened when they lose their bet. We suggest that you breakdown your bankroll into multiple bets and don’t blow it all in one bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are a number of sites offering cricket betting predictions for today’s cricket matches. You can do a Google search and you can then spend time reading and reviewing the different predictions for today’s cricket matches but this is a time consuming process. We must also point out that some of these sites are specialists in betting predictions when it comes to the NBA or NFL but not really on cricket.

    BettingGuru saves you both the time and effort as we have specialists who will provide you with the latest betting odds on today’s matches. Just check out our featured list and you will find all the information you need.

  • We believe there are two keys for getting better results betting on cricket. The first tip is to study, research and review both teams and match conditions before you bet. BettingGuru does this for you and hence you can find real time info on our featured list of cricket betting tips. The second tip is that like most things in life it takes experience for you to get better. You will have to be patient and learn from your mistakes. Follow these two tips and you will definitely get better results.

  • In-play betting is another name for live cricket betting. A lot of cricket betting sites offer in-play betting that will allow Indian bettors to place cricket bets while the game is going on. This can be very exciting especially when a T20 or ODI game is going on as the action is fast paced and the cricket odds can change with every ball.

  • You can search specifically for in-play cricket betting sites in India but remember you need to find an in-play betting site that is licensed, regulated, offers a great welcome bonus, friendly Indian banking options etc. BettingGuru has a list of in-play cricket betting sites. Just check out our featured list and choose one that you like.

  • We cannot give you a specific answer because it will be determined by which cricket betting site you are betting at and what banking method you selected. BettingGuru’s list of featured cricket betting sites usually process e-wallet withdrawals within 24 working hours while bank transfers can take between 3 to 5 working days.



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