Paytm Betting Sites in India

Paytm, founded in 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma, is a subsidiary of One97 Communications. Initially, Paytm was used as an online platform for recharging mobile phones and paying bills. The online market was fairly new and the payment platform witnessed a slow but steady increase in users.

Paytm received a massive popularity boost in 2016 when the Indian Government decided to demonetize its 500 rupee and 1,000 rupee currency notes. The move was designed to get 1.2 billion Indians move from being a cash driven society to a digital payment society.

The rest is history as Paytm replaced the cash transacting culture of India and now has more than 140 million monthly users. The majority of these users utilize the Paytm mobile app to make electronic transactions of every kind, including online betting. In fact, the betting market in India revolves heavily around Paytm.

This article explains how you can find top Paytm friendly online betting sites, how to make bets using Paytm and how to withdraw your winnings via Paytm.

Betting Sites Supporting Paytm

Best Paytm Betting Sites

The team at BettingGuru is always looking for the best and most trusted Paytm betting sites. While we have reviewed hundreds of India facing betting sites, we select only a handful to feature on our recommended list of paytm wallet accepted casino sites.

This is because we use a strict set of filters on these betting websites and only shortlist sites who pass all our filters. Paytm must be featured as one of their banking options. Apart from this, we also look for Paytm betting sites that are licensed by a reputed gaming regulator, sites that offer a wide variety of sports betting – especially cricket betting. We look for sites that have generous welcome bonus offers, exciting promotions, safe and secure gaming environment and good customer support.

So when you sign-up at any of our recommended betting sites that accept Paytm, you know that you are going to get all of the above. Do note that some of these Paytm websites also feature an online casino, live dealer casino and progressive jackpot games. If you sign-up at one of these Paytm friendly sites, you not only get access to a great sportsbook but also a great online casino.

Why Bet with Paytm?

You can use Paytm for making seamless online bets. Betting with Paytm is super quick and 100% secure. All you need to do is log in to Paytm (or create a new account). Then select where you want to send money and transfer it with one click from your desktop or with just a tap on your mobile device. Every single rupee you send can be easily tracked with an e-passbook that you get on the platform.

Here are some pros and cons to using betting sites in India with Paytm.


  • Widely accepted at Indian facing online betting sites.
  • No need to use cards (debit or credit) when you have Paytm.
  • Easily deposit money to your bank whenever required.
  • Monthly limit of up to 1,00,000 INR.


  • If you deposit money into your bank account, you are charged a fee of up to 4% of the amount.
  • You may lose your money if you lose your mobile phone/number, as Paytm needs your mobile number for authentication (email not used).

Our Top Sportsbooks

Start Betting with Paytm – A Step by Step Process

If you want to start betting with Paytm, you must first find betting sites in India that offer Paytm as a payment method. If you do not have a specific betting site in mind, you can check out BettingGuru’s featured list of Paytm friendly betting sites. Once you finalize on a site, you only need to create your account to get started. After you register, you can opt for Paytm from the payment methods provided by the bookie and you are good to go. Here is a step by step guide to get started with Paytm betting.

  • 1

    Opening a Paytm Account

    It is quite simple to register as a Paytm user. You can do so from your desktop or choose the widely popular mobile app version. When you choose to register on the Paytm website, it redirects you to the app version. Therefore, you can cut to the chase and get the Paytm app directly from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (Apple).

    Follow the steps given below to open a new account on Paytm:

    1. Download and install the Paytm app.
    2. Select ‘Open’ to use the app.
    3. Choose the language you prefer from the given options.
    4. Tap on the ‘Profile’ icon on the home screen.
    5. Tap on ‘Login to Paytm’.
    6. Select ‘Sign Up’.
    7. Enter your mobile number.
    8. Protect your account by creating a password.
    9. You can provide an email address too (optional). However, Paytm does not use your email to log in to your account, it can only be done with your mobile number.

    Tap on ‘Sign Up’ to finish the process.

  • 2

    Funding Your Paytm Wallet

    Funding your Paytm wallet is as simple as creating an account. Once you fund your wallet, you can make online bets by depositing money into your account. You can also make payments to e-wallets (like Skrill and Neteller) and receive money from these e-wallets. Before you can begin, it is advisable to increase your wallet limit to 1,00,000 INR. You can do so by following a KYC process, where you need to provide ID proof in the form of an Aadhar and Pan Card.

    To add money to your wallet, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your Paytm app.
    2. Tap on the ‘Add Money’ icon given on the home screen.
    3. Select to add money using ‘Credit/Debit card, Net Banking, or UPI’.
    4. Choose the amount of money you want to add and tap ‘Add Money’. (Note: You are only allowed to add a maximum of 10,000 INR per month unless you verify your account through the KYC process).
    5. You will be redirected to a secure page, where you can provide your banking details.
    6. Enter your details on the page and complete the transaction.
    7. The money will then be instantly added to your wallet.
  • 3

    Choosing a Paytm Betting Site

    You need to exercise prudence and select a genuine Paytm betting site. This is because the online betting market has a number of fraudulent sites that look to scam players. Also, there are some betting websites that are not licensed and hence it is better to avoid playing at these sites. The reason we say this is because some players have signed up at unlicensed Indian betting sites with Paytm but have been unable to withdraw their winnings. These players have no recourse since they are playing at an unlicensed site.

    To avoid a similar scenario, always go with a Paytm betting site that has a valid license. The best option would be a betting site that has a license from the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority. You can find a trusted list of Paytm deposit betting sites here at BettingGuru.

  • 4

    Depositing with Paytm

    Once you have found a Paytm betting site with a valid license, the next step is to sign-up as a new user. Then, you need to make a deposit using Paytm and you can start gaming as soon as the deposit is made.

    To create a new betting account, navigate to the site’s home page, and click on ‘Sign-Up’ or ‘Register’. Then, enter your details like First & Last names, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, City, and Country. Also, create a user name and password, which will allow you to log in to the betting website.

    You can then log in to your newly created account and navigate to the Banking page. The banking page will show you a host of payment options. Select Paytm from the lot, enter the amount you wish to deposit and finish the transaction by authenticating it on your wallet. As soon as this is complete, you will be able to immediately start place bets at this Paytm betting site.

  • 5

    Withdrawing with Paytm

    To cash out your wins to your Paytm wallet, there are certain conditions you need to meet. The first step in the process is to go to the Paytm betting site and click on ‘Withdrawal’. You will then be asked to you select your cashout method and enter the amount you wish to cash out.

    Select Paytm from the list and enter the amount. You need to make sure that the selected amount passes the minimum withdrawal limit and is under the maximum cashout allowed at the gaming platform.

    Some Paytm betting sites will require you to go through a brief KYC process, where you will provide identity cards like Passport/Driver’s License, Utility Bills, and other documents that confirm your identity.

    Since you are playing in India, some sites will also require tax deductions on big amounts. These deductions will be accompanied by relevant TDS certificates that can be used for filing income tax statements.

Paytm Offers and Bonuses

When you make a Paytm cash deposit, you are eligible to get a cashback directly into your wallet. This makes Paytm one of the most-used payment apps in India. You can get a percentage of your payment returned to you as cash in nearly every online and offline store.

When it comes to betting sites, the Paytm cash deposit offer is usually not available. There are some betting sites that offer cash returns on deposits made by Paytm, but it is not a common practice. However, there are a number of Paytm betting sites allow you to avail a Paytm welcome offer and bonus offers when you add money using your Paytm wallet. These come in the form of free bets, welcome bonuses, and matching return bonuses.

For example, you create an account on a Paytm betting site and deposit 1000 INR. The website will then offer you a welcome bonus that may get you a 100% match in return for your first deposit. This means now you have 2000 INR to play with (instead of the 1000 INR you deposited).

Other Paytm bonuses may come as free bets. These are availed by making a Paytm deposit, in return for which, you get additional bets for free. Apart from that, you can also avail regular reload bonuses that allow you to deposit a certain amount using Paytm and get a matching bonus as stated in the offer.

Cricket Betting

The most-popular betting option in India is without a doubt cricket betting. Paytm cricket betting websites give you a wide range of options as you will find that they cover both domestic tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL) and top ICC tournaments like the T20 World Cup, ODI World Cup and Test matches.

You will find it easy to carry out Paytm IPL betting and online cricket betting using Paytm. If you want to find Paytm cricket betting sites, you can do your own research and shortlist one by using Google. However, this can be a long and tedious process as there are a number of sites offering cricket betting using Paytm and some of them may not suite your style of play.

BettingGuru has carried out detailed reviews of sportsbooks offering cricket bets and provided you a breakdown of the pros and cons. We suggest you go through this list and pick a Paytm cricket betting site that suits your preferences.

The cricket betting sites we feature, will give you all of the below options.

  • Sportsbook providing coverage of domestic and international cricketing action.
  • You can make payments (deposits & withdrawals) using Paytm.
  • Sportsbook which has a valid license from reputed regulators.
  • You can bet on all facets of the game – IPL, ICC World Cup (ODI & T-20), and other major T20 leagues.

Once you find a Paytm betting site that fulfils the above criteria, you can start betting on a wide range of bets which include Outright Winner, Man of the Match, Toss Outcome, Best Fielder/Bowler/Batsman, Total Number of Sixes (or Runs), and more.

Paytm Betting Apps

There are many betting apps in the market that allow you to use Paytm. However, not all of them deserve your time and attention. A good mobile betting app must meet a number of criteria – as only then is it worth downloading. Always look for Paytm betting apps that are licensed, have a good rating in Apple or Android store, offers Paytm as a payment method along with a fast KYC process.

However, playing on these apps also comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. These are mentioned below for your consideration.


  • You have a mobile sportsbook available to you 24/7.
  • You can place bets on your favorite sports in seconds.
  • You can make deposits and withdrawals using Paytm within seconds.


  • In-play betting may not be the best option as mobile speeds can cause a slight delay.
  • Constant access to mobile betting increases the chances of gambling addiction.

Safe and Secure Betting with Paytm

Paytm betting websites give you the option of placing bets on all your favorite sports. You can make deposits (to) and withdrawals (from) betting sites all the while maintaining 100% transaction security. Paytm acts as a middle man between your bank account and gambling websites, providing you a safety cushion and avoiding online scams prevalent with credit/debit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The best way to get a free bet using Paytm is during the sign-up process. When you are registering at a new Paytm betting site, you can use a promo code (given on the Promotions page of the bookmaker) to avail your free bets. Another method to avail free bets is to verify your email with the sportsbook (or the betting site). After this, you will receive offers for free bets directly in your inbox. You can then avail these free bets by making a deposit via Paytm.

  • As per Indian law, you cannot visit a gambling house or own one. However, you can bet online without any legal repercussions. This is because online betting comes under International Law, which recognizes all forms of betting as legal. This way you can bet on Paytm betting sites and win money without breaking any laws.

  • Yes, you can bet on cricket using Paytm as nearly all sportsbooks provide an option to use Paytm for making payments. You can bet on cricket matches and events by depositing money via Paytm. When you win, you can withdraw your funds directly to your Paytm wallet with ease.

  • Each Paytm account is recognized by a Unified Payments Interface (UPI) ID. This ID includes your phone number with an extension of ‘@Paytm’. For example, if your phone number is 7777777777, then your Paytm UPI ID would be 7777777777@Paytm.



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