India Start As Favorites In Three Match ODI Series Against England

India Start As Favorites In Three Match ODI Series Against England

Bookmakers expected the five match T20 series between India and England to be rather one sided in India’s favor. England showed up and proved why they are one of the best T20 teams in world cricket by pushing India and taking a 2-1 lead in the series. India bounced back to win the remaining two T20s and take the series.

Sportsbooks are once again backing India to win the three match ODI series. The first ODI will take place on March 23, followed by the second ODI on March 26 and the final ODI will take place on March 28. All three games will be played at Pune and will be D/N games.

Betting Odds For Outright Series Win

India are massive betting favorites with odds of to win the series while England are underdogs with odds of 2.37. When it comes to the odds for the series correct score, India has odds of 4.33 to win 3-0, odds of 2.37 to win 2-1. England has odds of 9.00 to win 3-0 and odds of 3.00 to win 2-1.

We think India will have to play extremely well and England will have to play very badly for a 3-0 scoreline to occur. Our experts believe that the scoreline is most likely going to be 2-1 in India’s favour as they have shown that they are able to handle the pressure a little better than England.

Different Betting Odds For ODI Games

Indian punters will not only be able to bet on the winner of the match, winner of the series and series correct score but will also have a load of side bets to wager on. We cover some of the most popular side bets that punters can wager on during the India vs. England ODI series.

Our experts have classified these bets into bets of chance and bets of skill. Bets of chance are based completely on luck and it is difficult for any cricket expert to give you an insight into how these bets will turn out.

Bets Of Chance

The two most popular bets of chance that you will find for each ODI game are ‘To win the toss’ and ‘Most run outs. The odds to ‘Win the Toss’ always start out at 1.90 for each team. If you have some money to put down and want to test your luck, pick which team you think will win the toss for each game.

Most run outs is also based on luck as you will have to make a prediction as to how many run outs you think will happen in each ODI. Both teams have similar odds of 3.50 while the odds of both teams drawing and having the same number of run outs are at 1.90.

Bets of Skill

There are a number of different bets that do involve a factor of luck but cricket experts can provide a better prediction as there is a huge element of skill involved. We will focus on the three most popular bets of skill that you can wager on during these ODIs.

Top Team Batsman

Bettors will have to pick which batsman from each team they think will finish as the top batsman. We look at the top three batsmen for each team and their betting odds. Indian captain Virat Kohli has odds of 3.50, while vice-captain Rohit Sharma has odds of 3.75 and S Dhawan has odds of 4.60.

Jonny Bairstow is the favorite for England with odds of 3.75 while DJ Malan, captain Eoin Morgan and Jason Roy have odds of 4.50.

Our experts predict that India is going to win the first ODI and given the performance of Virat Kohli in the T20 series, we would put our money on him.

Top Team Bowler

This side bet requires bettors to predict which bowler they think will be the top team bowler during each game. Given that the pitches are expected to be spin-friendly, expect the spinners to play a big role. K Yadav has odds of 3.50 while his spin partner Y Chahal has odds of 3.75. B Kumar who was so impressive during the fifth T20 has odds of 4.50.

Jofra Archer has odds of 3.50 for England but there is talk that he might be rested. A Rashid has odds of 3.75 while M Woods has odds of 4.33. Our experts think B Kumar could hold the key for the first ODI.

Total Sixes

Bettors will have to predict which batsman they think will hit the most number of sixes in the game. R Sharma and H Pandya should be the favorites for India while J Roy and J Bairstow are the favorites for England.

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