Multiple Side Bets You Can Bet On During IPL 2020

Multiple Side Bets You Can Bet On During IPL 2020

IPL2020 started with a bang, and cricket bettors will have no shortage of action for the next 6 weeks as there are games scheduled just about every day in the United Arab Emirates. The IPL action will go on till November 10, when the IPL Championship final will be played.

If you are new to IPL betting, you might think that the main bets you can wager on are the outright winner, coin toss, and man of the match award. You will be surprised to know that there is a long list of side bets offered by most of the top sports betting sites.

Experienced bettors are aware that top sportsbooks offer a variety of side bets. These bettors tend to spread their bets across multiple side bets, which have high odds and big payouts. We give you a quick breakdown of all of the side betting action currently available during IPL 2020.

Top Team Batsman:

Bettors have the option to place a wager on whom they think will be the top team batsman during each IPL game. Do note that the betting odds on each team batsman changes based on each match. You will find the full list of players from both sides, along with their odds. This side bet is a little difficult to predict at the start of the IPL because most players have not played a lot of cricket due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Top Team Bowler:

This option will allow bettors to place a wager on whom they think will be the top team bowler during each IPL again. Remember that the betting odds on each bowler will change based on each game/team that they play. One way to narrow down which bowlers will perform is to figure out whether the tracks in the UAE are more spinner friendly or fast bowler-friendly.

Highest Opening Partnership:

This is a pretty straightforward bet which asks bettors to decide which team will have the highest opening partnership during the match. You have the option to bet on Team A, Team B, or on a draw i.e., both teams have their opening partnerships end up with the same number of runs

Player To Score Most Sixes:

Bettors can put down money on which player they think will hit the most number of sixes each match. Given the fact that the ground size in the UAE is not that big, expect a lot of sixes during IPL 2020. Please take note of the notorious six hitters like Chris Gayle, Rohit Sharma, Andre Russell, and Chris Lynn and back them when they feature in the betting line-up.

Most Match Sixes:

This betting line is different because it focuses on the total number of sixes each team will score. Once again, you can bet on Team A, Team B, or a tie, which means both teams end up with the same amount of sixes at the end of the game. One way to figure out which team will have the most sixes is to see which side is filled with heavy hitters.

Most Match Fours:

This is similar to the above betting line, with the only difference being that it considers the number of fours scored. The betting odds are a lot closer with most match fours when compared to most match sixes.

Tournament Hat Trick:

This is a rather straightforward bet which gives bettors the option to wager on whether IPL2020 will witness a hat trick. For those who are unfamiliar with what a hat trick is – it is when a bowler picks up three consecutive wickets of three consecutive balls. All dismissals are accepted towards a hat trick barring a run-out.

Player Of The Tournament:

This is similar to the man of the series award. Bettors will have to pick which player will have an outstanding IPL2020 with either bat or ball or both. Do note that if you decide to wager on this bet during the initial stages of the IPL, you will have great odds. However, if you wait till the middle of the tournament or the final stages, the odds significantly diminish as it becomes more obvious which players are in the running for the man of the series award.

Any Match To Go To A Super Over:

This is another straightforward bet where you are asked to wager on whether you think any game in IPL2020 will end up in a super over.

If you are looking to add variety to your IPL betting action, you can choose some of these side bets and see if you can come out on the winning side.

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