Which IPL Team Will Dethrone The Mumbai Indians?

Which IPL Team Will Dethrone The Mumbai Indians?

The Mumbai Indians started IPL 2021 as the betting favorites to win their third consecutive IPL Championship. The defending champions were expected to have another comfortable run this season. Their biggest challenge was the Delhi Capitals, who made the finals in 2020, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

However, based on all of the IPL action in April, it looks like the bookmakers might have got it wrong this year as Mumbai Indians have not played very well. The defending champions currently sit in fourth place on the IPL points table, having played 5 games with 3 losses and just 2 wins.

Which Teams Can Dethrone Mumbai Indians?

As of April 26, the IPL team that sits at the top of the table is the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Bookmakers did not give CSK much of a chance to win the 2021 IPL, but CSK has shown yet again that they are a champion side and are very keen on winning their fourth IPL Championship this year.

Delhi Capitals have played remarkably well under new captain R Pant and currently sit in second place on the points table. They are tied with CSK on 8 points, but CSK has a better net run rate. The Capitals have once again shown that they have the talent to take on and beat all of the top sides in the IPL.

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) have usually started the IPL with a string of losses, but they surprised many fans when they won their first four games in a row and quickly established themselves as one of the favorites this year. They currently sit in third place on the IPL points table, having the same points as CSK but a lesser net run rate.

Mumbai Indians initially brushed off their losses when captain R Sharma claimed that what really mattered was who ended up lifting the IPL Championship on May 30. However, Sharma has reason to be concerned now as the Mumbai Indians are not playing the dominant brand of cricket that they are used to.

IPL Betting Odds – To Win Outright

The betting odds for which team will win IPL 2021 outright have changed significantly compared to the odds at the start of  2021. The betting favorite to win IPL 2021 right now is the Delhi Capitals, with odds of 3.75. RCB is second on the list with odds of 4.50, which is the same odds that Mumbai Indians and CSK have.

Punjab Kings have odds of 17.00, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Rajasthan Royals, and Kolkata Knight Riders have odds of 21.00.

Mumbai Indians vs. Rajasthan Royals – Betting Odds

The Mumbai Indians have a great chance of bouncing back on April 29 when they face the Rajasthan Royals (RR) in Delhi. The Royals are currently in 6th place on the IPL points table, and they know that a win over Mumbai will get them to 6 points and bring them close to qualifying for the playoffs.

Bookmakers have Mumbai Indians as the betting favorites with odds of 1.57, while the Royals are the underdogs at 2.37. If Mumbai Indians play like they normally do, this should be an easy game for the defending champs. However, if they end up having another bad day, it could see them drop out of the top four teams on the IPL points table.

Batting Needs To Fire

Mumbai Indians have struggled in recent games because their batting has not clicked. In previous games, one of their superstars would put their hand up and play a match-winning knock. Unfortunately for the Mumbai Indians, all of them are getting starts but are unable to play on and make a big one.

The Mumbai Indians are most likely not going to chop and change so early in the tournament as they have followed a policy of backing their core playing and trusting them to deliver. If the Mumbai Indians lose another couple of games, then expect the Mumbai Indians to make a few changes to the playing XI.

IPL Games To Watch Out For This Week

There are several big IPL games that are scheduled for this week. Apart from the Mumbai Indians vs. RR game on April 29, the two other matches you should watch out for this week are Delhi Chargers vs. RCB on April 27. Bookmakers think that this is a pretty tight contest as both teams have odds of 1.90. Will RCB be able to bounce back from their loss against CSK on April 25, or will the Chargers win?

The third game is on May 1, when the Mumbai Indians take on CSK. If you are a betting man, you should consider putting your money on Delhi Chargers and the Mumbai Indians.

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