Will Indian Boxing Fans Bet Against Mike Tyson On Nov 28?

Will Indian Boxing Fans Bet Against Mike Tyson On Nov 28?

Boxing has a niche fan following in India, but when top fighters like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Anthony Joshua, and Tyson Fury fight, millions of casual boxing fans in India also tune in. Many of these casual boxing fans in India will be surprised by seeing Mike Tyson’s name being mentioned with regards to a fight as everyone knows Tyson retired a long time ago!

Mike Tyson Comes Out Of Retirement

Iron Mike Tyson retired in 2005 and has stayed retired for the last 14 years. However, he decided that it was time for him to make a comeback at the age of 54 and has worked hard in the gym to get back into great shape for his upcoming fight.

When Tyson announced that he was coming out of retirement, there was no shortage of opponents lined up to face him. Iron Mike is still one of the biggest names in boxing, and when he fights, he is guaranteed to draw a crowd. Tyson is set to take on Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match that will take place on Nov 28 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

This fight is officially sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC).

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Indian boxing fans love Mike Tyson even with all his faults outside the boxing ring. Tyson goes into this exhibition fight as the betting favorite with odds of 4/9, while Jones Jr. is the underdog with odds of 13/8. Will Indian punters go with their emotions and back Tyson for the win, or will they take a risk to win big and put money on Jones Jr?

While most Indian boxing fans are aware of Mike Tyson, some of the younger generations have heard of Tyson but do not know what he has accomplished. Tyson was the undisputed heavyweight champ of the world and finished his career with a 50-6 record that included 44 KOs.

When at his best, he was devastating, bringing a combination of speed, power, and accuracy. The 54-year-old still looks like a beast and has great movement as always. While this is down to be an exhibition match, both fighters will be going hard at each other.

Roy Jones Jr. is definitely not as popular as Mike Tyson and might need an introduction to Indian fans. Jones Jr. is an ex-four division champ that has fought at middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight. He has a record of 66-9 with 47 KOs.

Jones Jr. is 51 years old and only retired in February 2018, which definitely gives him a major advantage in ring rust. Jones Jr. had no plans of coming out of retirement, but an opportunity to fight Mike Tyson was just too appealing for him to say no. He knows that he is the underdog going into this fight but likes the underdog tag as it puts no pressure on him.

Indian punters can also bet on several other exciting fights on the undercard, which include YouTube star Jake Paul (8/15) take on Nate Robinson (11/8) and Daniel Dubois (2/9) take on Joe Joyce (3/1).

Exhibition Fight Rules

Since the fight between Tyson and Jones Jr. is an exhibition match, some of the rules have been modified. While professional boxing fights have 3-minute rounds, this exhibition fight will have 8 x 2-minute rounds. Heavyweight boxers wear 10 oz gloves when they fight, but Tyson and Jones Jr. will have to wear 12 oz gloves, which will offer them some added protection.

Since both Jones Jr. and Tyson are way past 40, they will have to pass a full set of tests laid out by the CSAC for fighters over 40. The referee for this exhibition fight has also been told to stop the fight if he feels that the fight has crossed the boundaries of a competitive boxing exhibition fight.

Boxing Tips

Indian punters who are not used to betting on boxing fights can use these betting tips before placing their wagers.


While we gave you a brief overview of both fighters, take the time to study their boxing records in detail. Look at their last five performances, check out videos to see what kind of shape they are in, and read up on what their boxing coaches are saying.

Fighter Interviews:

Listen to recent videos of both fighters to see their mindset and confidence.

Don’t Bet Emotionally:

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you and dictate which fighter you should bet on. Make a logical decision, even if it means betting against your favorite fighter.

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