Indian Punters Can Take Advantage Of Live Betting During India vs England Test Series

Indian Punters Can Take Advantage Of Live Betting During India vs England Test Series

India was surprised in the first test match against England as they were outplayed in all departments. India is looking to win the second test match in Chennai and see if the can square the four-match test series 1-1.

Most Indian punters know that they can sign-up at Indian friendly sportsbooks and bet on the India vs England test match and test series. However, most bettors engage mostly in pre-play betting, which means they place their bets before the test match starts.

All of the top Indian facing sportsbooks offer players the options to engage in live betting.

What Is Live Betting?

Live betting is also known as in-play betting. This is where sportsbooks give punters the option to bet on sports while it is currently taking place. Indian sportsbooks offer live betting for T20, ODIs and Test match betting.

Live betting can only take place during the game. Sportsbooks open up their live betting options when each day of the test match between India and England starts and shuts down after each day’s play.

Punters need to look for the live betting or in-play option and click on it to start betting.

Advantages Of Live Betting

There are several advantages that live betting gives punters. Punters who are betting on the India vs England test match can use real-time match information to decide which team they will put their money on when it comes to an outright win.

Live betting is also great when it comes to making side bets. Punters who are looking to bet on side bets like the batsman which makes the most runs in the first innings, the bowler who takes the most wickets in the second innings, how many run outs India will have, how many runs will England make in the second innings can use the current match situation to make more accurate bets.

Do keep in mind though that the odds will keep constantly changing during live betting. You will not get great odds in terms of winning a big payout with live betting as the sportsbooks odds will reflect the current situation of the match. While the odds may not be as great as pre-match betting odds, it does offer players a better buffer in not losing and reducing the risk.

If you have never engaged in live play betting, we suggest you give it a try and then you can compare pre-match betting odds with live play betting odds. An unexpected run-out, the fall of a wicket, a century run partnership or a player injury can significantly change live betting odds at any time. Keep all of this in mind before you start engaging with live betting odds.

Tips For Live Betting: India vs England

Real-Time Info: The most important tip that we can give you when it comes to live betting is to make sure that you are getting real-time information before placing a live bet. The two main options that Indian punters will use to get real-time information on India vs England cricket match is the television and the internet.

Whatever the mode you are using, you need to ensure that there is no delay whatsoever before you place your bet. There are some places in India where the internet and mobile internet reception is not the greatest. In these cases, players will get online updates on the cricket match, but those updates could delay a few seconds.

This isn’t great when it comes to live betting options because you may place a bet, and in those few seconds the match can change due to an lbw, run-out, catch or boundary. We suggest you engage in live play betting only when you know you have real-time updates.

Sufficient Funds: Make sure you have enough funds in your sports betting account before switching over to live betting. The last thing you want to find out when you will place a live bet is to find that you don’t have enough funds in your account to complete the live bet.

While you might be able to top up your account in less than a couple of minutes, the match and the live play betting odds can change significantly during a couple of minutes.

Trust Your Instinct: live play betting definitely brings in added excitement to the game as you know each over and sometimes even each ball can change both the live betting odds and the result of the game.

Do your analysis and review the live play betting odds but always trust your instinct and don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

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